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Bring love, joy, and healing to our local communities, our country, the world, and beyond. Let us collaborate and reach out to serve all humanity.

A calling to anyone doing any type of humanitarian service, charity work, to bring love, peace, harmony, healing, comfort, serving anywhere in the world to bring change.

Love Peace Harmony in Action

The Love Peace Harmony Foundation  reaches out to communities worldwide by offering free weekly chanting and meditation classes. Volunteers distribute free Love, Peace and Harmony  CD’s  around the world, including families impacted by poverty and violence.
The Love Peace Harmony Foundation also supports other nonprofit humanitarian organizations who are working to make a difference in the lives of people worldwide.
Working together, we can spread Love, Peace and Harmony throughout the world.
Helping families worldwide create happier and healthier lives.

Transform the world through

  • chanting and mediation
  • healing yourself and others
  • volunteering and donating

Love Peace Harmony Foundation was founded in 2006 and formally registered in the USA as a nonprofit in 2008. The mission of the Foundation is to serve all humanity and to make others happier and healthier. The goal is to raise the consciousness of humanity by chanting Love, Peace and Harmony to uplift the frequency and vibration of Mother Earth. The Foundation initiates and partners with other aligned organizations and nonprofits to offer assistance and support on numerous local and global humanitarian efforts.

Tao Center Belgium supports this Foundation through universal service in elderly homes, other centers, schools and development projects. For more information about the depth and importance of the lines of this song, what frequency and vibrations is, why meditation and chanting is import, what unconditional service means and more, we invite you to our free LPH Circle evenings. Click here to see the dates.


Elderly Homes Service



Projects in Uganda