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Unification of Science and Spirituality

Dr. Rulin Xiu, Kwantum Fysica en string Theoretica

Voor het eerst in België : 22 – 27 Oktober 2019

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Lezingen – 23 OKT,  Lezing over Tao Science in Antwerpen

Concert 26 – OKT,  Tao Healing Art Concert 

Workshop – 26-27 OKT, Unification of Science and Spirituality -2 Day Special Event

Quantum physics is the most fundamental physics theory about what everything is made of and how everything works at the deepest level. Have you ever wondered how to apply quantum physics to your life? Quantum physicist, Dr. Rulin, will reveal the three lessons from quantum physics that will change your life forever. You will learn from the quantum physics point of view how the message you give to yourself and others as well as your feeling, hearing, speaking, seeing, and your focus creates your life. You will comprehend how you and your ancestors’ past action affects your current life and how to get out of some deep rooted negative patterns in life so that you can gain success in every aspect of your life. You will learn some profound deep truth about how to create a successful life.

Quantum physicist and string theorist, Dr. Rulin Xiu, has been working on the grand unification theory for more than 30 years. Together with her spiritual teacher Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha has made major breakthrough in bringing science and spirituality together. In her lecture, she will present how to use quantum physics to study spirit, spiritual phenomena and consciousness. She will reveal her great discovery that quantum physics can scientifically and mathematically explain spiritual phenomena and wisdom. She will share how to use quantum physics of spirit to empower you and uplift your life to a higher level of existence with higher abilities, deeper wisdom and greater potential. You will experience powerful techniques that will open up new doors for more love, joy, and growth.

26-27 OKT, Unification of Science and Spirituality -2 Day Special Event